This and That

During a sailing trip last week, my iPhone got wet and...well…it is no longer of this earth. It was just a few drops of water, I thought. But by the time I got home, it was acting up.

The iPhone front display had all these strange images in the background. It looked like a black and white version of a tie-dye t-shirt. The charge life went from zero to 100 and then back to zero.

My wife Angela had 2 suggestions: put it in a bag of rice (good idea, but too late) and always carry my iPhone in a sealed plastic bag when sailing.

Thanks Sweetie!!!

So now I live without an iPhone, without a cell phone, without a connection to the outside world 24/7.

It’s crazy how much I miss having my phone. I’m constantly feeling my right pocket thinking it’s there. When I go grocery shopping, I can no longer take a photo (more…)

An individual faces many questions when rafting through the Grand Canyon. But number one on the list is “Where do I go the bathroom?”

Unloading our raft after a long day on the Colorado River.

During a seven-day trip which took my wife Angela and I a total of 188 miles along the Colorado River, the question of bathroom-going was on the minds of all 16 guests on the raft.

So each evening, after a long day on the Colorado River, we’d pull up to shore and carefully unload our precious cargo - the “shitter”- a 12-inch square metal box with a sealed lid. It was the first item to come off the raft each evening and the last item to be loaded back on the raft each morning.

Our helicopter lands on a makeshift helipad.

Our rafting guide Ray would gingerly carry our “shitter” to a remote (more…)


While I'm officially retired, it hasn't stopped me from trying various part-time jobs.

Along with running my coffee business called Coffee's On, I also work as a bartender at the local legion and as a cell monitor at the local police station. I love both jobs.

However, ignoring the better judgment of my wife Angela, I signed up for a temp position at a local manufacturing plant which produces baked goods.

I would be on the jelly roll line.

After borrowing a pair of steel toe work boots, I showed up at the massive facility at 7 a.m.

I was quickly handed a shirt, apron, hair net and ear plugs. It was go time.

The jelly roll machine was massive. It baked and rolled and filled the edible products before being dumped onto an assembly line. That's where my team took over. My first job was on trays. For two hours, I was responsible for clicking the (more…)

Time for a "fast" update.cropped-Jeff-logo.jpg

You see I started a fast on Jan. 3 in hopes of living a healthier lifestyle and dropping some pounds at the same time. The plan was to eat within a six-hour window and then fast for 18 hours. For example, start eating at 10 a.m. and enjoy food until 4 p.m.

It started off really well. There were no late-night snacks and no cheating. I even started planning my upcoming meals. Watching a TV commercial for KFC one night, meant a trip to the chicken shop the next day.

After one week, I was a non-eating machine and I lost 10 pounds. I couldn’t believe how fast the weight dropped off.

By the second week, I was still a non-eating machine, but certain foods were drifting into my thoughts. Late-night food fantasies like potato chips and ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and Coke were becoming a larger part of my (more…)

The chameleon of rock has passed away.David Bowie

After an 18-month battle with cancer, David Bowie passed away on Monday, Jan. 11 at the age of 69.

I discovered David Bowie about the same time I discovered rock. In fact, the first two albums I owned were Alice Cooper’s “Love It To Death” and Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. I remember my father looking at the two albums, both covers depicting androgynous men, and whether he should be worried about his 11-year-old son.

“What the hell kind of crap are you listening to?” asked my father, with a shake of his head.

It was an Archie Bunker moment from my father, but I just gave him my “you just don’t get it dad” look. Bowie’s anthem about space travel was hauntingly refreshing and I was hooked.

I wore out my copy of “Aladdin Sane” with hits like Cracked Actor, Panic In Detroit and Jean Genie and his under-achieving “David Live” remains (more…)