A short list of my wife’s ‘special’ traits

I love my wife Angela, but she thinks differently than I do.

In fact, I think it might be common for men to think differently than women.

So with this in mind, I’ve come up with a short list (which seems to be getting longer every day) that I like to call Angela-isms. A few idiosyncrasies that make her so “special”.

If Angela can’t find something, I perceive that it’s my fault. She doesn’t think  she’s blaming me, but her argument is; I’m the only one who puts anything away, so I should know where everything is. Makes sense, right?

If Angela needs to complete a task, she is very good at doing anything but. If friends are coming over and she has a thousands things to do, it’s usually a good time to watch an episode of Family Guy (her favourite show). If she has to go grocery shopping, suddenly an abandoned silver pitcher in the back of the closet needs polishing. But miraculously, she still gets it all done.

Oh, speaking of grocery shopping, that’s part of her list of  “I’m not doing that anymore” - along with bills and paperwork, gardening, dishes (to be fair, she’s the cook of the house) … come to think of it I’m not sure what she does around the house…I think I’m going to get into trouble for that one.

My Angela

Angela lives by the her own set of rules and she’s very good at giving me suggestions on how to improve myself. To me, it’s being critical. For her, its positive feedback.

Angela gets a little crazy when she can’t find something. If I don’t find it within a given time frame, Angela may admit that she may become slightly annoyed. I call it “losing her shit”.

When it comes to driving, I’m rather slow and erratic. Angela is just fast all the time. I thought of her the other day when I was driving in the dark on a newly paved country road. I couldn’t really tell where the road ended and the ditch began. I thought “what would Angela do”… so I sped up (I think I’m very funny). In the rare occurrence when I’m driving and she’s the passenger, her eyes are always closed (she thinks she’s very funny, too).

So what does this list represent? The simple fact that my wife lives by her own rules. I never have to guess what she is thinking about and she’s the most honest person I know. There’s never a dull moment with Angela and that’s one of the reasons why I love her and couldn’t imagine my life without her.

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