Where do you see yourself in five years? Who cares!!!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’ve always hated that question when being interviewed for a job or just in general.

Jeff and Angela in Abadiania
Jeff and Angela 

I have to admit, I’m not goal-oriented and I don’t have a strong sense of ambition. Success and money is nice, but it doesn’t drive me.

What does get me going is my ability to stop and smell the roses. Yeah, I know, what a cliché, what an easy, cheesy answer.

But it’s true.

When I met my wife Angela, I was 34 years of age, working as a small-town reporter/photographer, renting a room in a house and paying minimum payments on my credit card – which more than once paid for my share of drinks at the local bar. I was content with no need to look further than my next pay cheque.

Then Angela saw my potential. We got married, bought a house, raised a child and got by. We moved to Cambridge where I was editor of the local paper. And as anyone in the newspaper business will tell you, it’s a career for love not money. The pay is crap and hours are long. But in a career that spanned 35 years, I never once considered my work just a job, I never once complained about going to work on a Monday morning, I never once took my good luck for granted.

So many people hate their jobs and work for the money.

I was the fortunate one. Every day was unpredictable and fascinating.

It’s how I have lived my life thanks to my wife Angela.

Do what makes you happy. It’s her motto and it has proven to be a successful formula. We tend to stay away from negative people because they suck out the positive, the happiness, the dream. In many cases, our vigilant effort to stay positive has helped others follow suit and begin to appreciate what can be, and not what is.

Having lived in Cobourg for the past two years, I am now semi-retired, living one block from the lake and counting my blessings.

Angela and I constantly remind ourselves how lucky we are, as we stop to smell the roses.


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