I love Southwest Airlines

On a recent trip to Tampa Bay. I flew on U.S. Airways down and Westjet on the way back.

I got the flights for a good price, but something really, really frustrates me.

Both airlines charge a fee to check a bag. I don't mean the second bag, I mean the first bag.Southwest logo 2


Aren't you suppose to take luggage? I can understand and fully appreciate an airline charging for a second bag, but the first one? Needless to say my luggage choice was downsized to carry on, which for now is free. But this has created a new problem. So many people are now bringing carry-on luggage, that the overhead compartments don't have enough room. In many cases, carry-on luggage is stored with the checked in luggage FREE!!


Now, I'll explain my love affair with Southwest Airlines. Not only do they allow you a free check-in bag, they allow a second check-in bag for free. In addition, they usually have their check-in gates decorated for holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day and the on-board staff have a very casual attitude.

"Please familiarize yourself with the safety brochure in the seat front, blah, blah, blah." That's what the flight attendant actually said. They keep it fun. Southwest Airlines also offers cheap fares.

So that's all the good stuff. The not so good stuff is it does not provide reserved seating, so don't expect to choose your seat or sit with your travel companion. If that's alright, Southwest Airlines is for you. It is also bargain service. Unless you want to pay for booze, Southwest offers a coffee and some pretzels. There is also no entertainment, so bring a book.

So that's it. If you can handle no frills flying and free luggage check in, join my Southwest family.

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