Two years retired and…

Time for a retirement update. It will be two years on March 1.

So what have I learned?cropped-Jeff-logo.jpg

I don't like to leave the house on cold days and I don't have to leave the house on cold days.

Newspaper flyers have taken on a prominent role in my life and the mailman's visit has become the highlight  of my day.

Travel is everything and my wife Angela and I are really embracing the strategy.

I've started going to the movie theatre again. You know what? There are some great movies out there. The Theory of Everything is my most recent favourite.

Days no longer have a feel. You know how Monday was always a drag, the start of the work week, back to reality after a weekend?

Now it's just day. Wednesday no longer has a hump and Thursday is no longer the day before the day before the weekend.

And weekends are nothing more than days without mail delivery.

My buddy called me up to see what I was doing on the long weekend. I had no idea it was long or a weekend.

Time has speeded up exponentially.

I can drink coffee, have a protein shake (Angela's commitment to an attempt at being healthy), read for a bit and all of a sudden it's mid-afternoon. Don't get me started about the computer. I look up one thing and two hours later I'm a thousand clicks away from the first subject.

My coffee business is going along nicely, thank you. My philosophy is not to make money, but help people with their coffee intake.

Very philanthropic of me isn't it?

Exercise consists of long walks and short workouts. I have to get the snacking under control. It's my New Year's Eve resolution.

This time of year is my yearly NFL playoff addiction. Go Seahawks.

What up with the Leafs?

That's it for now.

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