John of God and the crystal bed

John of God – Part 3

Sitting in the current room is one of the most powerful energy experiences when visiting The Casa in Abadiania, Brazil. However, most people prefer to pass in front of John of God. And really, who wouldn’t want that experience? He incorporates more than 30 different spirits, from doctors to

Jeff (left) with John of God
Jeff (left) with John of God

homeless philosophers. In fact, one of the most thoughtful spirits is King Solomon. Trust me, I know it all sounds more than a little crazy and my wife Angela and I fondly call the whole topic “woo woo”.

But there is definitely something about The Casa and John of God’s presence. One day, John of God was incorporating an entity that was rather dismissive. As I waited in line and finally found myself standing directly in front of him, his eyes seemed focused in the distance. There was an otherworldly sense to his being. As he held my hand with his left hand, he wrote a quick note with a pen and paper in his right hand. The note directed me to The Casa pharmacy for a prescription of blessed pills containing harmless herbs. That was the good part. The not-so-good part was that while taking the pills, I had to abstain from sex for eight days (hey, I can live with that) and spices and alcohol while taking the medication. I’m not a raging alcoholic, but I do enjoy a couple of beers on the weekend and a glass of wine for dinner. Considering I passed in front of John of God six times on my last trip, and each medication has a supply of pills for two months, I’m going to be clean and sober for the next year.

Challenge, reluctantly, accepted!!

While I grumbled and told myself to suck it up, Angela was on a totally different path. She had an incredible experience. John of God can incorporate different spirits at any time. While she waited in line, his eyes changed colour – from green to brown to a bright blue – within a matter of seconds. He also told her she could take a crystal bed home with her. Angela had not requested a bed and wasn’t quite sure what was involved. But the quest to bring a crystal bed home with us had begun.

A crystal bed consists of a horizontal metallic stand with seven lights encased in quartz crystals, blessed by John of God. The lights are suspended 12 inches above an individual lying on a massage table. Each of the quartz crystals is cut to a specific frequency and aligned above one of the seven human chakras. Colored lights radiate light and energy through the crystals and shine on and off in various rhythms. The radiating lights act has a conduit for the spirits of The Casa to provide healing.

While Angela was convinced that we had to take a crystal bed home with us, the price had me a bit shocked. Put it this way, it was more expensive than a toaster and cheaper than a car. After stressing over the cost for a while and finally accepting the fact that we were going to buy a crystal bed, I decided that it was all part of the journey we were on.

The crystal bed has amazed me. With only word of mouth – and we live in a small, very conservative town – the number of people who have tried the crystal bed and have come back time and again has astounded me. Friends, relatives and strangers have contacted us to go for a 20-minute session.

My personal experience on the bed has covered the gamut of physical, emotional and mental expression. I had injured my wrist. The next time I went on the bed, I sensed burning in the injured area, followed by a complete recovery. I have fallen asleep on the bed, I have had visions of my mother and father, who have both passed, as well as one of my closest friends, who also passed. One time I felt a heavy weight pressing down on me. Another time, I was weightless. Another time I felt like the bed was tipping over and I had to hold on. Laughter, tears, confusion, wonder, it’s all been there and I cherish each session.

The crystal bed has changed our lives and John of God has helped us to appreciate life, each other and the people we come in contact with. Angela has gone to Brazil three times and I have gone twice.

But, we will be back again because we have never really left.


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