My addiction to golf

I love to golf

I love the outdoors. I love organizing my golf bag, making sure my clubs are clean and ready to go. I love my golf balls. Opening a new sleeve of three golf balls before hitting off the first tee is like a brand new start, a fresh beginning to my game.

golf(1)But, after more than 40 years of playing golf, I can't seem to get any better. My excuse is that I rarely play more than five or 10 times per season.

But not this year. 2014 is my year to get serious about my golf game. It's early July and I've already played 20 times. And slowly but surely, my game is getting a little better.

My drives are getting a bit straighter. As a lefty, I suffer from the dreaded slice, but I'm losing fewer balls and spending a little less time in the bushes.

My approach shots are improving and I am an awesome putter.

But the chip shots, those little taps from within 20 feet of the green, kill my game. I either duff it two feet or punch it 20 feet over the green. It's one of those swings where you have to commit. In other words, decide how hard you are going to swing and stick with it. However, it is also one of those shots where a lot golfers are still deciding how hard to hit the ball while they are in the process of swinging.

Guilty as charged.

But why do I love golf.

Think of where you are. A beautiful outside scene designed to be perfect. Perfect manicured lawns, perfect trees, even perfect sand traps. You're surrounded by nature. I've seen deer and turtles on Ontario courses and crocodiles on Florida courses.

It's also the challenge. Every hole is a chance for endless possibilities. As you stand on the tee box, and prepare to swing, there's the chance for the perfect shot, the slice, the hook, the worm burner. It's all racing through your head. But still…it could be the shot of your life.

And that's what makes golf so damn addicting. Even if you get one good shot during a round of 18 holes, you know you're going to be back for more.


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