What I love about retirement

• Sunday night: In the past, Sunday night had a feeling. It was the wrap up to the weekend and preparation for the dreaded back-to-work Monday morning. Now Sunday night is a time to reflect and a time to prepare for the week ahead of my choosing.Jeff Hurst new

• Freedom: My new catch phrase is "I'm free" when my buddies ask if I want to go golfing or skiing or see a concert.

• Yard work: Hey, I've always loved it, but now I'm not under the weekend time constraint to get it done. Now, I go outside, do some work and stop when I feel like it. There's always tomorrow.

• Volunteering: An important part of retirement, but it seems even sweeter when you can put your heart and soul into it, when you have the time to make a difference, rather than fitting a volunteer chore into your busy schedule.

• Try new things: This summer will see me getting serious about sailing, gardening, golfing and working out. I even joined a gym.

• Stop and smell the groceries: Maybe its small-town living, but grocery stores have become community centres and a walk around the block is a time to catch up with friends. It may seem like a little thing, but these contacts are very special.

• Entertaining: Thank god Angela is a good cook and loves to have people over for dinner. It works out well because I love to eat – another reason for joining a gym. She isn't afraid to try a new recipe on unsuspecting guests. Her track record is pretty good so far.

• New ventures: I opened a coffee business called Coffee's On. It's my first attempt at sales and a learning experience that I wouldn't change. Do you know how similar "coffee" and "copy" sounds over the phone? People  explain that they are happy with their current printer before I have a time to clarify.

• And my favourite: Waking up, grabbing a coffee and writing Retiring Thoughts.