I learned me some social networking

As a business owner, I decided to sign up for some social networking lessons. Just saying that makes me sound kind of redneck, doesn't it?

Facebook logoThe local business advisory centre offered a two-hour course entitled Building Your Business on Facebook. Seeing I don't know the difference between a Like and a Poke, I thought it was time to jump into the world of technology.

Did you know that Facebook is already yesterday's fad. Considering that the average age for Facebookers is 35 to 50, the younger generation has already embraced it, perfected it, got bored with it and moved on.

So, it's the perfect time for this 55-year-old entrepreneur to take charge. This way, there's no surprises and I can't break the system.

So. Facebook. What is it?

According to one definition, "Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep intouch".

I wasn't exactly ready to offer an ongoing commentary like some users do ("Had a piece of mom's apple pie 15 minutes ago. Yummy"), I did want to get the word out about my business. In other words, promote my business and hopefully not make an arse out of myself in the process.

After our teacher went through the technical aspects of setting up a page, she explained the various ways of getting as much traffic as possible to your Facebook page. You can do that organically (trendy way of doing it yourself) or by paying Facebook to pimp out your page to unsuspecting "Likers". I'm an organic (cheap) kind of guy myself.

I also found it humbling that businesses on Facebook should post at least 3 to 5 posts per day. PER DAY!!!!

I got stuff to do, but the "aha" moment came when the teacher explained that you can schedule your posts - write a whole bunch of posts now and then automatically send them when you want. She also told us the best time to schedule your posts….but I'm not sharing that information. Take your own damn course!!!!

Another suggestion was to have fun with your Facebook page. If you're always hammering your Followers with products and services, they're going to get bored and move on. And that's probably the best lesson I learned. Followers, like customers, are fleeting. Keep them entertained and satisfied and you can't go wrong. Thank you Mr. Facebook (My wife says it should be Mrs. Facebook) Next step, Twittering? Tweeting? Twitting? LinkedIn.

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