Monthly Archives: January 2018

A recent trip to Costco reminded me of my days workings at the warehouse retail giant. It was a temporary position at the Peterborough Costco during the Christmas rush.

After sending in my résumé electronically, I received a phone call within an hour. Seriously, one hour. My interview took place in the Costco food court and I went in for orientation the next day.

I figured the orientation session might take two-to-three hours to complete. I was there for six freakin’ hours. One guy fell asleep during the six hours. I never saw him again.

My first day was spent outside in the parking lot collecting shopping carts. After minimal training (after all, this wasn’t rocket science), I was given my official rope and told to start rounding up buggies. The rope was long enough to connect eight shopping carts, so you could push them back to the store in a somewhat orderly manner. Piece (more…)

I love my wife Angela, but she thinks differently than I do.

In fact, I think it might be common for men to think differently than women.

So with this in mind, I’ve come up with a short list (which seems to be getting longer every day) that I like to call Angela-isms. A few idiosyncrasies that make her so “special”.

If Angela can’t find something, I perceive that it’s my fault. She doesn’t think  she’s blaming me, but her argument is; I’m the only one who puts anything away, so I should know where everything is. Makes sense, right?

If Angela needs to complete a task, she is very good at doing anything but. If friends are coming over and she has a thousands things to do, it’s usually a good time to watch an episode of Family Guy (her favourite show). If she has to go grocery shopping, suddenly an abandoned silver (more…)