Monthly Archives: December 2017

I love dogs, but I’ve never owned one and I probably never will.

Their cute and cuddly, but I couldn’t see myself walking a dog daily. I’m not interested in scheduling my life around a dog’s behaviour. I’m certainly not interested in following a dog along a grassy path, only to end up picking up its poop with a bag wrapped around my hand.

In fact, a famous comedian once said that if aliens from another planet arrived on earth, and saw a dog owner following his dog around with a plastic bag, the alien might wonder who was really in charge.

I love cats. Cats are cool. Cats don’t take a lot of work. Cats aren’t needy. You can go away for a weekend and leave your cat at home with a bowl of food and water.

Not dogs. Dogs are needy. Dogs require constant care. If you went away for a weekend (more…)