Monthly Archives: February 2017


While I'm officially retired, it hasn't stopped me from trying various part-time jobs.

Along with running my coffee business called Coffee's On, I also work as a bartender at the local legion and as a cell monitor at the local police station. I love both jobs.

However, ignoring the better judgment of my wife Angela, I signed up for a temp position at a local manufacturing plant which produces baked goods.

I would be on the jelly roll line.

After borrowing a pair of steel toe work boots, I showed up at the massive facility at 7 a.m.

I was quickly handed a shirt, apron, hair net and ear plugs. It was go time.

The jelly roll machine was massive. It baked and rolled and filled the edible products before being dumped onto an assembly line. That's where my team took over. My first job was on trays. For two hours, I was responsible for clicking the (more…)