Monthly Archives: February 2016

Time for a "fast" update.cropped-Jeff-logo.jpg

You see I started a fast on Jan. 3 in hopes of living a healthier lifestyle and dropping some pounds at the same time. The plan was to eat within a six-hour window and then fast for 18 hours. For example, start eating at 10 a.m. and enjoy food until 4 p.m.

It started off really well. There were no late-night snacks and no cheating. I even started planning my upcoming meals. Watching a TV commercial for KFC one night, meant a trip to the chicken shop the next day.

After one week, I was a non-eating machine and I lost 10 pounds. I couldn’t believe how fast the weight dropped off.

By the second week, I was still a non-eating machine, but certain foods were drifting into my thoughts. Late-night food fantasies like potato chips and ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and Coke were becoming a larger part of my (more…)