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Our 15-storey floating resort.
Our 15-storey floating resort.

Angela and I just got back from a 12-day cruise of the South Pacific. We traveled from Sydney, Australia to Loyalty Island, New Caledonia, and Fiji. And while snorkelling (not to mention the endless assortment of cruise ship cuisine) was my favourite thing, there's something about standing on a deck of a ship and seeing nothing but water in every direction you look.

Angela and I spent a lot of time just looking at the waves as they smashed up against our 15-storey mammoth ship, the Celebrity Solstice. I could appreciate the early explorers who thought the earth was flat. Gazing out into the South Pacific gave you the feel that a ship might just fall off the edge.

Then there were the fish. No, not the hundreds of species I experienced during my dives, the fish out in the middle of the ocean. The flying fish. (more…)