Daily Archives: March 11, 2015

On a recent trip to Tampa Bay. I flew on U.S. Airways down and Westjet on the way back.

I got the flights for a good price, but something really, really frustrates me.

Both airlines charge a fee to check a bag. I don't mean the second bag, I mean the first bag.Southwest logo 2


Aren't you suppose to take luggage? I can understand and fully appreciate an airline charging for a second bag, but the first one? Needless to say my luggage choice was downsized to carry on, which for now is free. But this has created a new problem. So many people are now bringing carry-on luggage, that the overhead compartments don't have enough room. In many cases, carry-on luggage is stored with the checked in luggage FREE!!


Now, I'll explain my love affair with Southwest Airlines. Not only do they allow you a free check-in bag, they allow a second check-in bag for free. In (more…)