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When I was young, certain movies really hit me. Planet of the Apes and Bullitt come to mind. I was 10 when those movies were released and it began my fascination with cinema.

Matthew McConaughey stars in Interstellar
Matthew McConaughey stars in Interstellar

In my early 20s, I was again affected by movies like Gandhi, Platoon and The Killing Fields.

But it's been a long time since a movie has hit me as hard as the latest from director Christopher Nolan.

Interstellar should  be considered mandatory watching for all students. In fact, it should be mandatory watching for just about everyone.

Set in the near future, food supplies are dwindling and blight has destroyed almost every form of crop other than corn. A constant battle against dust storms is literally choking civilization.

There are no more wars because there is no need to fight. Countries are focussed on survival, and are failing.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a farmer and (more…)

I found myself at Queen's Park this past Monday.

Lou Rinaldi, MPP for Northumberland-Quinte West
Lou Rinaldi, MPP for Northumberland-Quinte West

No, I wasn't signing a bill into legislation or debating the relevance of wind power.

During a recent fundraising event in Cobourg, my wife Angela and I bid on a silent auction item – lunch with our local Member of Provincial Parliament and a tour of Queen's Park.

Being a bit of a political junkie, I put in a bid and won.

After a series of emails to nail down a date, Angela and I made our way to Queen's Park in Toronto this past Monday. We were met in the lobby of the Ontario Legislative Building by Travis Hoover , executive assistant to Lou Rinaldi, MPP for Northumberland-Quinte West.

After quick introductions, a tour guide gave us a half-hour glimpse into the workings of Queen's Park. The history of the building was fascinating, so I was rather (more…)