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John of God – Part 3

Sitting in the current room is one of the most powerful energy experiences when visiting The Casa in Abadiania, Brazil. However, most people prefer to pass in front of John of God. And really, who wouldn’t want that experience? He incorporates more than 30 different spirits, from doctors to

Jeff (left) with John of God
Jeff (left) with John of God

homeless philosophers. In fact, one of the most thoughtful spirits is King Solomon. Trust me, I know it all sounds more than a little crazy and my wife Angela and I fondly call the whole topic “woo woo”.

But there is definitely something about The Casa and John of God’s presence. One day, John of God was incorporating an entity that was rather dismissive. As I waited in line and finally found myself standing directly in front of him, his eyes seemed focused in the distance. There was an otherworldly sense to (more…)