Monthly Archives: August 2014

I've been a pencil pusher all my life. I worked at a desk on a computer in an office setting.
It wasn't until I left my comfortable chair that I learned about physical labour.
Since becoming semi-retired (don't forget I'm still selling coffee), my world has been expanded with shovels, hammers and wood.Jeff Hurst new
Case in point. We are in the process of widening our single car driveway. I casually mentioned it to my wife's Uncle Ron, a retired farmer who can fix and build anything.
"We can do that Jeff," was his simple statement.
"Do what Ron?" was my innocent reply.
The next thing I know, he had his Bobcat tractor at my house (a 45-minute drive from his farm the next town over). Not only did he dig up the asphalt, lift fence posts out of the ground, remove trees, and bring in dirt and crushed stone for the paving job, he also decided that a (more…)