Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

It was a blast from the past Tuesday night in Oshawa when Heart came to town.

Sure sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson are the only original members, and of course we were there for them. And like the crowd, the Wilson sisters are getting up there.Dreamboat Annie

But, wow they have a lot of hits and the girls can still kick butt.

They brought out the bread and butter ballads like These Dreams and What About Love, both showing Ann Wilson's incredible voice.

They shared with us that the acoustical Dreamboat Annie was the first song they ever performed for their parents.

And then Nancy Wilson shifted gears with the unexpected Paul McCartney hit Let Me Roll It - this one featuring Nancy on vocals as well.

They also brought out the very experimental Heaven, almost as a tribute to what was going to come. Because instead of an opening act, Heart played a set, took a break and came out (more…)