Daily Archives: June 4, 2014

I just discovered Mad Men.

No, it's not the name of my golfing buddies or a group of disillusioned journalists.

January Jones and her cigarettes star in Mad Men.
January Jones and her cigarettes star in Mad Men.

It's a television series on AMC. I mention AMC because it has been daring enough to introduce shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and The Killing.

AMC is cutting edge, enthusiastic and challenging.

And even though Mad Men has been around since 2007, I thought it was a tepid period piece about advertising in the 1960s, which it is, but so much more.

It follows the lives of the men and women of Madison Avenue advertising. They behave badly and live without any kind of moral boundary. It's a man's world where they sleep around, have Bourbon with breakfast, and use, abuse and excuse the female staff.

The term chauvinistic hardly scratches the surface of this one-sided way of life. And the ironic thing (more…)