Daily Archives: April 17, 2014

• Sunday night: In the past, Sunday night had a feeling. It was the wrap up to the weekend and preparation for the dreaded back-to-work Monday morning. Now Sunday night is a time to reflect and a time to prepare for the week ahead of my choosing.Jeff Hurst new

• Freedom: My new catch phrase is "I'm free" when my buddies ask if I want to go golfing or skiing or see a concert.

• Yard work: Hey, I've always loved it, but now I'm not under the weekend time constraint to get it done. Now, I go outside, do some work and stop when I feel like it. There's always tomorrow.

• Volunteering: An important part of retirement, but it seems even sweeter when you can put your heart and soul into it, when you have the time to make a difference, rather than fitting a volunteer chore into your busy schedule.

• Try new things: (more…)