Daily Archives: February 28, 2014

They're everywhere and can usually be found early in the morning. They're subtle in their approach and often make contact with a "Good morning" or "Lovely day we're having". But don't be tricked by their friendly way and kind-hearted look.

They are The Walking Retired. Dog walker

They wander the streets, usually in pairs, sometime in groups. They might be disguised as an exercise group briskly motoring up the street and showing no sign of wanting to communicate,  but it's only a matter of time.

Oh sure, they may walk by your house for a week without noticing you or making eye contact, but that's part of their master plan. You might be out one day raking leaves, cutting the lawn or digging out weeds (Warning: you're most vulnerable when you're on your knees focused on a gardening chore). That's when they strike.

"Those weeds are a nuisance, aren't they?" you'll hear from nowhere.