Daily Archives: January 26, 2014

Groceries, pretty simple right?

Not when you're retired and the grocery store might be the only venture out of the home for the day. It now becomes a mission. And that mission always has a curve ball from the wife Angela. You know, that one item that you kind of know what it is, but not really. How about Paneer, a kind of Indian cheese for stir fries for my wife's favourite meal, cheese and peas. Now, you have to find that item to complete the magical list. And don't veer off THE LIST, only get what is written on THE LIST.

And you can see fellow retired husbands wandering aimlessly up one row and down another, and then up the same road and down once again. Heads buried in the list with a drop of sweat growing on the forehead.

How long have we been here? Minutes, hours, days?

It's now just a blur.

Then (more…)