Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

I don't know how may times I've heard about retirees getting taken for money. It might be a telephone fraud, door to door scam or during a simple business transaction. Maybe it's the changing landscape, but retirees seem to give each "salesperson" the benefit of the doubt.

You've heard of the roofer who charges a retiree twice the usual amount. Or how about the driveway paver who does half the job at three times the rate. And don't get me started on renovation rip-offs.

But why? Is it a need to believe in people, loneliness or being too Canadian - too polite and not ready to cause a ruckus. Whatever the reason, here are a few precautionary suggestions and red flags.

• Tell the person you want to sleep on it. If you get any kind of suggestion that this is a one-day offer, close the door.

• Ask for references. Get names, phone numbers and (more…)