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Groceries, pretty simple right?

Not when you're retired and the grocery store might be the only venture out of the home for the day. It now becomes a mission. And that mission always has a curve ball from the wife Angela. You know, that one item that you kind of know what it is, but not really. How about Paneer, a kind of Indian cheese for stir fries for my wife's favourite meal, cheese and peas. Now, you have to find that item to complete the magical list. And don't veer off THE LIST, only get what is written on THE LIST.

And you can see fellow retired husbands wandering aimlessly up one row and down another, and then up the same road and down once again. Heads buried in the list with a drop of sweat growing on the forehead.

How long have we been here? Minutes, hours, days?

It's now just a blur.

Then (more…)

I don't know how may times I've heard about retirees getting taken for money. It might be a telephone fraud, door to door scam or during a simple business transaction. Maybe it's the changing landscape, but retirees seem to give each "salesperson" the benefit of the doubt.

You've heard of the roofer who charges a retiree twice the usual amount. Or how about the driveway paver who does half the job at three times the rate. And don't get me started on renovation rip-offs.

But why? Is it a need to believe in people, loneliness or being too Canadian - too polite and not ready to cause a ruckus. Whatever the reason, here are a few precautionary suggestions and red flags.

• Tell the person you want to sleep on it. If you get any kind of suggestion that this is a one-day offer, close the door.

• Ask for references. Get names, phone numbers and (more…)

Hi, my name is Jeff Hurst. After 30 years in the newspaper industry, I retired at age 55. My wife Angela wanted to move back to her hometown of Cobourg, Ontario - approximately one hour east of Toronto. Though retirement was the furthest thing from my mind, I respected my wife's wishes and made the move. Now what? Do I look for another job, volunteer, travel, write that novel I always vowed I would write, do some renovations on the new house, get a part-time job, travel (oh wait, I already said that). Needless to say, I am suffering from an identity crisis and have to stop and smell the roses for a moment. So here I am.

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